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Game Environments 2022/2023

Game Environments 2022/2023

Alvaro Campillos
by alvarocmfer on 13 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Here are my Environment Porjects of 2022: · 1 - A Kingdom Hearts Inspired Halloween Diorama with its own sequence. ·2 - A recreation Peaky Blinders' Season 2 Office used by Thommas Shelby.

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Thommas Shelby Office (Peaky Blinders Inspired).

My first project for this entry is a recreation of the office Tommy Shelby uses in Season 2 of Peaky Blinders.

· Night Ilumination

· MoodBoard and Texel set up

· Assets Overview

Everything you see was modeled from scratch, along with the materials, textures, Atlases and Trims,

· Furniture:

All of this were made using the same tileable material; They use a combination of techniques such as overlapping, tilling UVs, 2nd UV channel for masks and baked details and AO.

· Tilling Materials and Trim Sheets:

I used 3 Materials for almost all of the arquitectural elements of the scene, with some decals here and there; the Trim Sheets were used specifically to create the variations in the picture frames, in combination with a picture Atlas.

· Hero Assets:

These are some of the assets created for the scene; The process was almost identical to all of them, create a blocking, then a high poly sculpt,  retopology and UVs, bake the details and texture in Painter.

Kingdom Hearts Halloween Diorama.

The second project of this entry is a diorama I did for Spooky Season based on one of my favourite games.

In adittion to the enviroment itself, I wanted to create a little sequence to improve my render and post processing skills.
What started out as a couple of well framed shots turned into a full fledged sequence with camera work, particles and blueprints...

I regret nothing.

· MoodBoard

· Arquitectural Elements & Assets

These were made to be used with tiling materials and Trim Sheets.
The assets were modeled following the classic pipeline; Blocking, high poly sculpt, retopology, UVs, bake and texturing.

· Hero Assets.

The Keys were made with the chains separately, for they would be made with Unreal's cable functionality with a material added to it for the vanishing effect.

Thank you so much for your time!

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