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In Defense of Home

In Defense of Home

by CodyP1331 on 12 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

my first demo reel done in unreal engine and using trim sheets. also first time adding animations to characters with walking cycles using the cinematic editor. rocks and flora come from quixel megascans, all the unique props are my creations.

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This is my first demo reel practice in Unreal Engine 5 and also my first time using trimsheets for environments. It was also my first time adding animations onto characters and implementing those animations and the characters into Unreal. i kept it simple as you can see with a simple walking animation and idle animation but i feel it adds even more interest to the scene and the story. to do the animations i took the character model i made, which i also created 3 versions of both the characters, the weapons and the shields so they didnt all look the same and staggeered the animatons so as to add realism to their movement. i also used the ENV light system for the first time here to create the lighting from scratch and make even further use of lighting effects to make an interesting look to the underground dwarfven village.  you can find even more of a breakdown here to get a further look. thanks for taking the time!

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