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Lucky Break

Lucky Break

Victoria Stoykova
by AdewaleOG, Rohnak, Viikii, and jadedav on 9 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

A stone dinosaur comes to life to save a baby bird

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Lucky Break was a joint collaboration between VFX and Animation students in a year that tells the story of a stone dinosaur that comes to life to save a baby bird.

Victoria Stoykova – Director, Writer, Storyboard Artist, 3D Modeller, XGen Artist, Animator, Lighting Artist,

Rohnak Sharma – Writer, Editor, Storyboard Artist, Animator,

Adewale Ogunbekun – Producer, 3D Lead, 3D Modeller, Lighting Artist, Render Wrangler

Chiyoko Coyte – Art Director, Concept Art, Animator

Oliver Chenery – 2D Compositing Lead

Jade Davanzo – Concept Artist, Animator

Kayleigh Boshoff – Concept Artist, 2D Compositor

Tyrese Fletcher – Storyboard Artist, Animator,

Jadine Downes – 3D Modeller

Campbell Brooks – 3D Modeller

Alfie Hill – Simulation/FX Artist

Clement Gharini – DOP

Peter Miles – Original Score

Going into the project we had a lot of solid foundations in place thanks to our talented script writer and art director who worked hard to cement the look and feel of the project early on

Below are some behind the scenes assets that our 3D team worked hard on, including the initial crumble simulation test in Houdini, turntables for one of protagonists and main asset as well as groom simulations that were cut due to time constraints.

"Lucky Break" on Escape Studios Animation Blog:

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