Daniel Squires - 3D Artist

Daniel Squires - 3D Artist

Daniel Squires
by Danimations on 8 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This entry includes some of my best work in recent times. I'm a recent Games Art and Design graduate from Murdoch University in Perth. I have a keen interest in 3D art and particularly with working on characters and animations. I'm eager to learn and improve my work and really wanting to get my footing in games.

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Kouotsu Android Girl

This was a character modelling project. The purpose of the project was to test my ability to translate a simple 2D reference into a 3D model whilst adhering to the style and design.

The character was modelled in Maya and brought into Substance Painter for texturing.

The character and reference images used were created by Max Hancock (kouotsu) - https://twitter.com/kouotsu

Glock - 17

This was a hardsurface prop modelling and viewmodel animation project. I wanted to try and replicate the real-life firearm as close as I could using a variety of reference images and videos I found online.

I really enjoy making viewmodel animations. First person shooters are among some of my favourite games and the bar for these types of animations has been raised so high in the past few years so I wanted to get my practice in.

The arms rig was created by Haydn Cooper - https://www.youtube.com/c/HaydnCooper

Audio sourced from Pixabay - https://pixabay.com/sound-effects/

Hero Shooter Character

Molten Skin

This was a character production project from university. As a team of 4, we had to design and produce a game-ready character that would fit in a hero-shooter style game. This character needed to have a class/role and theme/aesthetic that was clearly represented by the design and silhouette. We settled on a sci-fi tank character with an industrial toxic theme. The large canisters on the character's back were the main detail for establishing this character's identity. Additionally, we had to design an alternate skin for this character that matched the design/silhouette but had a different theme. We went with a molten/draconic theme, and whilst much of the character's design had been changed, the inclusion of the canisters and same overall body shape allows the character to still be recognisable in this form.

I was the character modeller for this project, using Maya to produce the model and UVs.

League of Legends - Pyke Fan Model

This was a character sculpting project for university. Using ZBrush, we were individually tasked with sculpting a humanoid character from an existing IP. I chose Pyke from League of Legends as someone that enjoys the game and likes the character. This character then needed to be retopologized in Maya to be made game-ready and efficient for Unity, prioritising quad-based polygons and clean edge/face loops for ease of rigging and animation. This model would then be UV unwrapped and textured. I used Substance Painter for baking the texture maps using the original sculpt and for texturing. Finally, the character would then be brought into Unity as a final showcase with a turntable as seen in the video.

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