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Jozef Kovács
by Jozef on 8 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

One of my favorite films, Chappie, inspired me to create this character. This is my submission for my Term 1 final project at Think Tank Training Centre. It is a concept based on the film Chappie by Sony.

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I followed a standard process in the beginning to create Chappie. I started by camera matching the focal length and placement of key components of the scene, such as the table and the cubes on it, in Maya. After camera matching, I began blocking out the base mesh of Chappie's body and hands and added some basic lights to the scene to see how the shapes were working in V-Ray. Once I was satisfied with the body and had finished polishing it, I took the scene into ZBrush to create the chain using nanomesh. The dollar sign was created in Maya.

The next step was to create UVs. This took a while, and because I wanted to have a full 4K texture, I created 135 UVs for the entire scene. After this, I started with texturing. First, I created UV snapshots from the cubes and created all the specific colors and typography for them in Photoshop. For this, I only created diffuse and bump maps.

Next, I took the scene into Mari and started with one of the most enjoyable parts of this project, texturing. First, I created an AO map, and then I began working on the diffuse map. Some textures are procedural, but I mostly worked with handpainting. For example, all the ink writing on the body was painted by me. I used many mask channels, and after the diffuse map, I worked on the bump, specular, and gloss maps.

After exporting all my channels from Mari, I started with the Lookdev and shading process. It was a really uplifting feeling to see all my created channels working and bringing my scene to life!

Creating this little guy was a truly challenging project that took me four weeks to complete, but it was an incredible experience to bring him to life. I'm grateful for your visit and for taking the time to check out my work!

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