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Festival of colors - WIP
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Festival of colors - WIP

Aryan Kulkarni
by Kulfi13 on 15 Jan 2023 for Autodesk - RIG.B

Through my texturing, I will tell the story of an industrial robot who is exposed to the eastern festival of Holi. I plan on using substance painter, substance designer for texturing and arnold for rendering.

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Update - 4 Feb 2023

I set up a basic scene in maya with some lights, and set up the shaders. I used one of the poses given in the template, and did a test render of a square 2k image.

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Update - 31 Jan 2023

I've finished creating a base for my color splatters and details. I applied a single Arnold standard surface material to all of the meshes, and another one to all the objects that will have transmission properties for an easy UDIM workflow in substance painter.

Following are some Iray renders from substance painter:

I now plan on doing the lighting and render setup in maya (arnold) using the given poses. Then I plan on building procedural materials and generators in substance designer and painter to add in color details.

Update - 15 Jan 2023

In my entry, I have chosen to tell the story of an industrial robot being exposed to the festival of colors through texturing. I plan on using substance painter and designer for the texturing, and Arnold for rendering. 

These are the references I have gathered to start off my project:

I plan to fully texture the base textures of the robot in one painter file, then export those textures to another painter file where I will work on the color splatter. This will be more efficient as all of the base normal details will be baked into one map and the splatter generators will work with all the base details.

The base will have neutral, industrial color tones while the color splatter will have vibrant colorful textures. 

I am also working with 1k textures as of now, but when exporting and rendering I will use 4k textures. These are the WIP substance painter screenshots:

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