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MechaQue -RIGB
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MechaQue -RIGB

Mickhel Lee
by mickhel on 12 Jan 2023 for Autodesk - RIG.B

Still W.I.P._ I name it "mechaque" from my concept : macaque monkey.

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Update - 13 Jan 2023

Day 2
The next progress I proceed to checking meshes. Issue I found are holes and unwelded points at some areas.
Then I fill the holes and tidying UVs.

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Update - 12 Jan 2023

Firstly, I start with mockUp phase, collecting reference and looking for mood of final concept. I planned my mockUp colorway by doing 4 option (Transformers, Pacific rim, Gundam and my own perspective of the model) then decide which to go with.
I like the concept of transformers' creature shape & colorway. Then pacific rim got the awesome realism into it, maybe more mature color-feel from it.
The initial RIGB model also has kind of gundam mecha design on it.. so I wanna try as accurate as the original classic gundam color way which dominated by white with blue and red accent.

The design I will be using is japanese macaque monkey. I want to create new design without putting other colorway design to RIGB model, although it might be cool such as some reference I found the gorilla mecha with optimus prime color way or scene where jetfire and optimus prime doing a fusion.

The reason I chose macaque monkey is rigb chest & upper torso area has kind of facial feature  and I feel it look bit like ape creature.. also I can see a  frog / could be fish on chest area.. then I tried to make some color of it and i didn't like it/not match with model (unfortunately didn't save the screenshot).

At the end I use monkey since  the focal point on the red face always attract my eyes..
Lastly, I want to give mature color-feel on RIGB like pacific rim and capture creature concept like in transformers which the creature shape /color still there when transformed into vehicle.


To Be Continue つづく...