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RIGB Texturing entry.
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RIGB Texturing entry.

Manuel Fernández Rubio
by Manuel3D on 9 Jan 2023 for Autodesk - RIG.B

I'm going to present my entry to the contest, I hope you like it.

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Update - 31 Jan 2023

Hello again, I leave a 360 video of the Robot, I preferred to make the video in Full HD format and the render quality is not as good as in 4K still images, I hope you like it.

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Update - 30 Jan 2023

At this moment I present my latest version for the contest, I am very happy with the final result achieved, both for the textures and for the lighting, the character's poses and the final render. I would like to comment that the robot consists of 3 materials, one for the general bodywork, another for the crystals and another for the fire turbines. I have only touched the UV's of the fire turbines to be able to make a correct gradient of the color and noise applied to the opacity and the emission of the material. The renders have very little retouching in Photoshop Postprocessing, HDR value adjustment, bluish color filter, use of occlusion AOV and emission AOV.

Update - 26 Jan 2023

A new advance, I have improved aspects of the colors in the head, I have changed the typography of the texts, I have changed the color of the metal in the most delicate areas that are exposed to a more golden color as a sign of harder quality metal, These pieces are the shock absorbers of the abdomen and the screws that hold the elbow and knee joints.

I have also dirty the crystals that are in different places, because they were completely clean.

I have added graphics with triangular motifs in the waist area and on the back.

I have added an extra layer of dirt in the boot area that degrades to the knees.

Finally I have added some scratches in different areas as a sign that this Robot has had a hard job and that it is seasoned in its work.

I'm happy with the look she's getting and I think I'll move on to Maya Arnold to see what he looks like.

Update - 23 Jan 2023

I've been working on the procedural textures before starting to paint the details. I am happy with the overall look.

I have already started to paint some details by hand, I had to find or create some logos or alphas to be able to paint. I'm starting to hear my GPU really breathe and I have a 3090, but the model has a lot of UDIMS and it shows in the performance.

Update - 23 Jan 2023

Update - 9 Jan 2023

This is my first entry in a Rookies contest. I'm still getting used to the system of publishing the content.

I have been studying the model to see that everything works well for the texturing process. I've found a few things and finally I'm going to do the texturing process in Painter with the low poly model. If any news about it is mentioned from the Discord chat, I will adapt to the changes.

I leave some references that I have searched for, although in this first phase I do not want to be excessively contaminated by external influences to be able to make the color scheme freely. This first version I'm working on is for a policeman, but I don't rule out making another version for a firefighter or emergency rescue personnel. I see these firefighter and police versions related to the accessories that the robot carries, an axe, a first aid kit, a clamp and a fire extinguisher gas sprayer?? The truth is that it does not look like a military robot or a doctor. I also see in the design of the robot the shape of a face in the entire area of its chest and abdomen.

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