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Rough Weather - RIG.B FX Entry
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Rough Weather - RIG.B FX Entry

Yao Wen Kwek
by yaowenkwek on 2 Jan 2023 for Autodesk - RIG.B

The RIG.B robot scans its surroundings, detecting an incoming storm. Small rocks are blown around hitting RIG.B, before it deploys its drones to shield itself and some buildings from larger debris heading its way.

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Update - 9 Jan 2023

Update 09/01/2023 

Created some small procedural ground rocks that are blown in the wind, colliding with the ground geometry and the robot

Mesh Prep - Reduced the polycount on the geometry for simulation using point deform

-Fixed the issue from before preventing the point deform from working correctly

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Update - 2 Jan 2023

FX Plan - Sketch

RIG.B Import and Prep
-Removed placeholder FX elements from provided animation in 3DSMax and exported as alembic
-Removed small detail meshes for collision mesh
-Generated temporary collision geometry and collision VDB + cache
-Created placeholder terrain/boundary + cache

-Need to figure out how to get rest pose for point deform, so I can remesh the geometry

Shield drones setup/testing 

The robot will deploy 3 small drones to create a shield to block itself from the incoming storm of rocks and debris. In this test, I had to figure out how to designate/split up 3 drones to the rocks that hit the shield collider geometry. I also have to figure out the order which the drones fly to the shield hit points and the flight path/curve which they will take.

At the moment I have:
-Collision detection using ray sop and using point intersection distance attribute as a life/age attribute
-Split up the incoming rock hitting the shield into 3 groups by using modulus of id attribute and number of drones (may require changes to more evenly distribute)
-Sorted point numbers using the distance/age attribute as the point number is used as the order for the curve
-Created curve based on points and tested carve sop for animation along curve