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Rig B Animation
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Rig B Animation

Yip Kar Hei
by yipkarhei2001 on 28 Dec 2022 for Autodesk - RIG.B

A short Animation of a Rig B- some part for action then dance the "Wednesday Addam" choreography. "COMING SOON"

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Update - 5 Jan 2023

The new year 2023 is beginning, and this is the first 2023 posting the progress, haha just kidding. Here is my animatic to replace the storyboard and some parts without camera animation because a little bit lazy. This animatic also before doing the 3d animation. (I know the rule said 5-8 seconds, but I make 8 second more because the music run time)

BTW, this animatic I using photoshop, editing I will use premiere pro

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Update - 28 Dec 2022

This is my storyboard, I will choose the action and dance combined animation. The first part has a little bit of action part, then the down one has a dance part (the dance reference I will using Jenna Ortega choreographed this epic Wednesday dance for Wednesday on Netflix (the popular tv series)

Update - 28 Dec 2022

This is my first time joining this contest since I choose the "Animation" category, but I know some rig got problems so I try my best to use them. Since I was free and I waited for my classmate about the next part of the Final Year Project. I will do the robot texture first. My texture is definitely not 100% perfect.

First, this is my robot texture final render (substance painter iray version)

This texture color I will use purple and black, this is because the color looks creepy and has added some dirt texture. This texture is also related to the animation and environment.

I'm not sure if this texture has something changed or refined, but I just held in first, maybe in the future, I will update the perfect one.