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This little dude is called "Spiderbot". He is one of many "Moodbots", which are robots that show their emotions with the color of their eye(s).

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Update - 25 Nov 2022


My name is Lou and I am currently a student at the Hochschule Hannover in Germany. I would call me a generalist but texturing is something I particulary enjoy doing.

But enough about me - May I introduce you: Spiderbot!

Spiderbot is a so-called Moodbot. With my idea, I wanted to break the cliché that robots don't have feelings, so I thought the best way to show my idea is to make an animated short film :).

Textures: Substance 3D Painter | 3D Software: Autodesk Maya 2023 | Renderer: Arnold | Sounddesign: Ableton Live 11 & Adobe Audition 2022 | Post: Adobe After Effects 2022

Well, I really hope that I was able to entertain you a bit with my project.

Thank you for running these contests, it was a lot of fun :-) !

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