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Robot Contest - Sinvi
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Robot Contest - Sinvi

The making of a "cute" robot in 3 days, because I've just learn of the contest. This is a challenge that i've accepted

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

Dad brought a new friend at home today... 

Meet Sinvi, the refurbished robot decorated by kids

So I found this contest yesterday and I was interested in participate. Then I noticed the deadline, and now I see it as a challenge : I have three days to create a robot and make a good texturing. Oh, and i am not really into cute things, so this contest take a difficult step higher for me, but I'm ready to do it.


During the first day of work, I've decided to make some iterations and make my own reference for the robot. I'm not very good at drawing, so i've sketched every body parts separately. It's a bit confusing so I add captions.

(Concept made with Adobe Photoshop)

11/24, 2:02 AM
Day 1 finished. The 3D model is on a pretty good way, but the most difficult pieces are still to make.

Some elements from the concept doesn't make the cut to the "final version" :
- ARMS : Shoulders are replaced by a simple sphere. The ring just don't make sense.
- ARMS : The "outgrowth" on the forearm and the reverse hand just make the robot more terrifying. I've delete them.
- BACK : The "red wings" are too much, and not necessary.

11/25, 2:47AM
Day 2 finished. The 3D model is complete, both low and high. Tomorrow is the last day, and i still have to develop the texturing. I'm confident... totally late but confident.

(3D model made with Maya (low poly and UV) and ZBrush (High Poly)

I really like how the hands turns to look like, the concept was not even near the final version and still, I think the definitive one is more interesting. I will later giving the robot a pose for the render, I just hope I still have time.


Friday's ended, and the contest with it. Due to some issues with the last steps I was unable to provide a better render, and it's really disturb me. But anyway, it was fun.

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