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A late entrie for this challenge but i hope you will like it ! It's a google home mixed with a bit of portal and Claptrap !

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

Here are some renders i just did

If i have enough time tomorrow i'll try to make a little animation

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

Update : I've spent a few hours texturing the Ggle HomBot in Adobe Substance Painter, still a lot to do but i'm happy with the result for now

Next step : Finish the texturing, then rendering in Unreal Engine

Update - 24 Nov 2022

New small update, i've decided to add some arms and i'm pretty happy with how it turned out !

Update - 24 Nov 2022

Update : i've modeled the robot based on my previous idea but i thought that the legs were not that good of an idea so i've put a wheel instead

Update - 24 Nov 2022

Here is a little sketch of my cute robot, i've started this challenge late, so i will try my best to make a cool little thing ! 

Next : I hope to finish the model for this afternoon then start the texturing in substance painter

My references for this project are the Google Home for the shape, i wanted this robot to be hidden in everyday object, then i was thinking of the portal turret for the eye and legs