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Razou the watchmaking robot
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Razou the watchmaking robot

He is a tiny and cute robot made to pick up the watch scrap on the ground , on the workbench after watchmaker did his job.

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

Here is the final render ! 

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Update - 23 Nov 2022

Here is the first take on the the texturing, i will try to update some thing to make it better. I need to adapt my emissive on the halo to make it more realistic

Update - 23 Nov 2022

Final view on the modeling, i have some luminous halo under the reactor to make it more realistic.

Shader color are just here for my personal help, this is not the texturing i've planed. 

Update - 23 Nov 2022

Hello it's razou ! A watchmaking robot. The concept has been made by Yuline Bardy, a second year concept artist with my directive :

He's supposed to pick up all the watch scrap on the ground or workbench after the watchmaker job is done.

There is only 3 days left but i want to challenge me so i hope you'll like it !