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Hello! this is my first contest. My proposal is based on a concept framed in this phrase "Robots stayed to do what humans couldn't: TAKE CARE OF THE PLANET". If you want to know more about the process and a little more description, I invite you to read the full entry. I hope you like it

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Update - 24 Nov 2022


I was finally able to finish my robot on time, these are the final presentations of my participation. With this I end this project.

It was an enriching experience, I had to do a lot of research to obtain the result that you will see below, but the important thing about all this is that I acquired valuable knowledge.

All comments are welcome!


The images that you will see below are divided into 2 environments, the first is the exhibition mode, where the textures and the character's shape are better appreciated. And the second is of the robot in the environment of the concept (A world destroyed, with acid rain where the robot, despite that environment, is happy to be able to restore nature "He is planting a tree")

Environment 1 (Exhibition)

Environment 2 (Context-environment of the concept)

Note: This image is the only one that has a bit of post production, it's something basic (Contrast, exposure, vignette). It has no added elements, only color adjustment.

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Update - 23 Nov 2022

Beginning of the second stage: Texturing

Before I went to the substance painter to do the texturing of my robot, I researched how to have a better handling of the robot parts in substance and discovered the ID maps, so I challenged myself and managed to create the ID maps in blender. this was the result.

Having all the model ready (Uv's, low and high poly versions, ID maps) I imported the robot in substance painter to do the texturing. I also created some alphas to make labels and reliefs. This was the result.

Note: I added a cap but it doesn't convince me much, in the end I think I won't leave it.

End of the second stage: Texturing

Update - 22 Nov 2022

Hello! I can finally focus on the contest, I have been thinking about several ideas on which to work and I wanted to create a concept to focus better, the concept that I defined and on which I will work is the following:

The planet has been evicted by human beings, since we took it upon ourselves to destroy it, we did not take care of it and we finished with all the natural resources, the only thing we could leave was the technology for the creation of robots, some robots were left on earth abandoned and Thanks to the creation of artificial consciousness, they themselves became aware of repair and care, thus creating a planets restoration team, ready to face difficult terrain, moving through acid rain, rocks, etc.

This phrase briefly defines the idea:

"The robots were left to do what we humans couldn't: TAKE CARE OF THE PLANET"

1 STEP: Here I have made a quick sketch of the concept of the robot without much detail, only as a reference to make the 3D model.

2 STEP: Having the reference sketch, I proceeded to make the 3d model, as the first stage of the modeling I left it in low poly.

Note: The 3d model was made using ZBrush

3 STEP: I created the uvs in ZBrush automatically but I didn't want to leave them as they were, I don't have much knowledge in creating uvs with Zbrush, so I decided to do them in blender. I did some research to see how to organize them better and I discovered the UDIM, so I took a risk and tried to create it this way, this was the result.

4 STEP: Having the uv's created in blender, I exported the model and imported it in ZBrush again to create the model in high poly adding some small details

End of the first stage: Ideation, 3d modeling

This is a summary of this first part of ideation, 3d modeling and preparation of the model.