Rattan Craft Center

Rattan Craft Center

by brendacyee on 24 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

A rattan craft center to show appreciation to craftsmen and the traditional craft material itself.

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Rattan Craft Center

Rattan also known as wicker, is a Malaysian traditional material that has been around for a century providing us locals daily necessities from home accessories, furniture to sculptures. However, rattan is slowly going to the phase of extinction due to the modern trends. The purpose of this craft center is to show our appreciation and exposure to the younger generation and tourist our tradition and history. The purpose is to incorporate rattan into current trends  by collaborating with modern contemporary and different styles. So in future, Malaysia's traditional craft will be part of the trend instead of history and past. 

Registration Area

People are required to register before entering to experience the entire programs/activities in the building.

History & Background

Visitors are able to learn more about the background and history of the owner as well as rattan itself.

Gallery Area

The gallery is where visitors are able to see and purchase sculptures made by international artists that creates art and sculptures out of rattan.


Visitors are able to take a short break after the programs and activities where the cafe serves bakeries and nyonya food a Malaysian dessert from Penang where the owner of the craft center is located. 

Show- Work Shop / Retail

Here, visitors are able to see how craftsmen weaves the products and visitors are able to craft their own souvenirs/ gifts. There is a small retail area for house accessories and a playground made of rattan incorporated with other materials to entertain children while the adults can have their time looking around.

Furniture Retail

The retail is where rattan can be seen incorporating with other materials and different interior styles to show that it's able to keep in trend in the interior design industry.

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