The Bodyguard
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The Bodyguard

I'm a first-time participant. I find out a little late about the contest but I'm ready to burn every cartridge until the deadline. This project is something I had already envisioned in a 2D project but for the contest, I want to take it to another level a make it 3D.

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Update - 22 Nov 2022

The concept of the project started with the little guy on the left. I wanted it to be a mysterious little creature that seemed small and cautious and behind him the real deal, his bodyguard ready to protect and to pack a punch to any threat.

As you can see it all started with the sketch of these two characters and then refining, packing some color, some lighting, and in the end, I put the big guy where it really belongs and that is on the actual back of the little guy, guarding it.

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