Yuggy The Frog Robot
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Yuggy The Frog Robot

Yuggy is a frog robot that will keep you company while you work. She's characterized for her big eyes that shows curiosity for anything, and her paws which will always be there to hug you whenever you need it! Say hi to Yuggy!

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Update - 23 Nov 2022

15th of November


After finishing the Uvs and divided them into 4 UDIM, I exported the robot into Substance Painter 3D and finished the texturing.

18th of November


I didn't want to complicate this work with scenes and audacious lighting. I believed that I can present you the personality of the character using only the correct poses and elements. So in the case of rendering, I kept the light and colour simple to have a clear presentation and a direct focus in Yuggy.

Final Renders

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Update - 21 Nov 2022

7th of November


To get started, I made a rough sketch of the things I wanted for my robot, such as big eyes, chubby paws, silly cute vibe, and a pair of functional and riggeable legs! 

For the colour palette, I chose orange and blue on white as my main colour tone in order to express brightness for the robot's personality. They are also colours that stand out from white, which would attract more attention to the important parts of the robot. 

8th of November


In the modeling phase, I used Autodesk Maya as my main modeling program. I followed the concept and I was also noticing the structure of functionality of the robot, so It can be logically rigged in the future. 

I only did the left side of the limbs so I can save more time by mirror duplicate them later.

For example, this leg can be logically rigged by following the correct structure.

12th of November

I finished modeling all the details and hard edges, and I added support edges so I can smooth the meshes with Catmull-Clark. 

I also made a preview of colouring to see how they worked and I ordered the materials so I could work easier in 3D Substance Painter later.