Dragon Bot - COMPLETE!
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Dragon Bot - COMPLETE!

ITS DONE! I am so glad to have taken part of the Adobe Substance 3D - Robot Challenge. It has been a wild ride and oh boy, let me tell you, I still have SO MUCH to still learn.

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

FINAL UPDATE (Update 0.5) - Final Renders (Adobe Substance Painter & Adobe Substance Stager)

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

Update 0.4 - Turntable of Textured Model in Maya

Update - 22 Nov 2022

Update 0.2 - Pre-Texture and base texture (model refined in ZBrush, Retopologised in Maya, then Texturing beginning in Adobe Substance Painter)

Update - 21 Nov 2022

Update 0.0 - concept for 3D model (made in procreate)

Update 0.1 - blocked out 3D model (Nomad Sculpt)