Little Robot Diver
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Little Robot Diver

Little robot diver who is not scared of the depth or unknown, and it's a friendly addition to the human diver's team.

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

To create the renders, I also used Substance Painter. This was my first attempt to render in this software, as, with my previous projects, I was exporting the model to Marmoset Toolbag to create the renders there.

Thank you for your attention! 
It was really nice to create something different and a bit outside my usual comfort zone.

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Update - 21 Nov 2022

To enter the challenge, I combined the robot theme with my slight obsession with water and everything unknown that can live or just be there.
Little Diver is a small and agile robot that can go deeper underwater and explore more than a human. While he does not need oxygen tanks or yellow rubber boots to accomplish his mission, he is also a very friendly character who wants to be part of a band with other human divers.

At first, I started my work by creating loose sketches and noting what attributes I liked.

When I had a more or less rough idea in my head, I moved on to the next phase of sketches, and then I created a character design sheet as a reference point for modelling.

To make the model, I used Maya:

When the model was ready, I exported it to Substance Painter: