AS3D Mobile Succulent Robot
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AS3D Mobile Succulent Robot

A little robot that maintains and cares for the plant on their back.

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Update - 21 Nov 2022

I wanted to invoke something that was put together from a kit, with messy but careful soldering and more love than technical knowledge. I kept thinking back to those Sega iDogs of the mid-late aughts, especially when working on the front-facing plate. My original plan was to include a small LED face, with the plate acting as a screen, but as I got to work I realized I liked the gentleness of the flat sensor look instead. Maybe it's for detecting humidity and following sun rays for the passenger plant? I can picture little between-show stop-motion bumpers featuring them on the hunt for nice spots throughout the day.

In the first update, I modeled out the scene in Blender, then exported everything to Substance Painter for the second stage. Fairly standard. I modeled the window after the one next to my desk.

This was my first time really using Substance for a project, and I absolutely enjoyed it. I used a bullet hole shape for a brush texture to convey the intended messiness of the robot's construction, and I love how that decision turned out.

I exported the textures and maps from Substance back into Blender for the third update here, where I connected everything into place and fixed up the rest of the transparency for the glass.

I used Krita to quickly whip up the little heart pictures, and then used that image and the Rookies logo for the four stickers. After that, I made the final adjustments to the camera and sun outside, and rendered out the scene. Between the noise and de-noised versions, I opted for the version with noise, because I like that sense of subtle grit and texture.

I love this little guy, and had a great time working on them. Excited to see how this goes, and wishing everyone the best!

(* Timestamps for the updates are a bit off! I had to re-upload, my mistake.)

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Update - 21 Nov 2022

Update - 21 Nov 2022