Gravedigger's Bot
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Gravedigger's Bot

I set out to create an entire mech character with hard surface modeling in Zbrush, and came up with the concept of a gravedigging robot. It wanders the cemetery at night, and though it tends to spook passersby, it's pretty harmless.

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Update - 20 Nov 2022

Final Renders

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Update - 20 Nov 2022

Process Overview

I did all of the textures for this bot in Substance 3D Painter. It has always been a very intuitive tool for me when it comes to texturing, and because I had created two separate UV layouts, I was able to do the upper and lower body separate from each other and get really nice baking results and resolution overall. This was the first model I've tried using an Emissive channel for in Painter, and trying out different screen expressions to give him more personality was super fun to play with. 

After both the low and high poly models were done, I took the low into Maya to UV. I exported the robot in an A-pose to texture, but also used Maya to pose him more dynamically for final renders later on. Once the UV sets were organized and I had assigned materials to the model, I imported it into a new Substance Painter project and baked the high poly version onto the low before starting textures. 

I sculpted and modeled the entire robot in Zbrush, using ZRemesher to keep good topology on all of the separate pieces of geometry in the low poly, and subdividing up to a high poly version so I could sculpt details that I would bake in Substance Painter. 

My initial concept sketch for this robot's overall design, with his narrative being that he's a gravedigging bot that wanders a cemetery at night. He's pretty good at his job.