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Vintage Cute Robot

I am glad to introduce you to T-Ring, a robot developed with vintage technology that never goes out of style. He is shy, yet very friendly. He loves 80's pop music and, above all, classic mystery series like "Murder, She Wrote" (although I didn't tell you this).

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Update - 22 Nov 2022

Final render generated with Autodesk Maya. The erosion and dirt textures can be seen more clearly from the different angles of the images. I hope you liked the result and the final look of T-Ring!

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Update - 21 Nov 2022

First render made with Adobe Substance 3D Painter to visualize how the textures created for T-Ring color match. As this is a robot created with vintage objects, I've added scratches, dust and rust to its different components. 

Update - 20 Nov 2022

T-Ring 3D model update. At this stage I decided to flatten the head a bit, so that it would not be so perfectly round. In this screenshot the wired structure can be seen. 

Update - 19 Nov 2022

Initial T-Ring model. When I started with the arms (forks) I realized that the pose did not convince me, it was too serious, so I opted for the peace symbol, a classic that many of us use when we are photographed. 

Update - 19 Nov 2022

Concept art of my cute robot inspired in VEO robots. For this, I chose a retro screen radio and a vintage telephone as references. This is my first attempt of 3D modeling using Maya, but I think it has charisma, don't you think? Hope you like the final result!