Adobe Substance 3D Robot Challenge // BO1
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Adobe Substance 3D Robot Challenge // BO1

My entry for #Substance3DRobotChallenge ! This is BO1, a retro themed robot who spreads joy through music! He ventures into the real world hoping to reunite with its creator after getting lost in a robotics competition.

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Update - 20 Nov 2022

Substance 3D Stager Final Renders

This is the final update for my entry! In Substance 3D Stager, I added a spotlight for BO1, used ray tracing and used its environment light called 'Studio 80s Horror Flick B' since BO1 is mostly inspired by the 80s .

 For the compositing, I added dust particles, cloud effect and the typical neon floor grid in Photoshop (slightly similar to what I did for my Marmoset renders). After that I moved on to Procreate where I added some noise and blurred chromatic aberration to create that 80's kind of dreamy mood. 

This is my first time using Substance 3D Stager and overall I enjoyed using it! But there's still a lot to improve or to be added. For instance the opacity map from Painter to Stager, no albedo alpha option, no backface culling option and etc. 

Despite the issues, I still look forward to the upcoming updates of this software and I hope it gets better in the future! Lastly, thank you Adobe for introducing the student license and once again thank you to The Rookies for this oppurtunity!

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Update - 20 Nov 2022

Marmoset Toolbag Final Renders (Additionals)

I'm back with another update and I have finished compositing the renders in Photoshop! 

In Marmoset Toolbag, I added a spotlight for BO1 with fog, used depth of field and ray tracing to achieve a cinematic look.

For this batch of renders, I wanted to go for a slightly sinister mood, so I added dust particles and green tint to most of the shots . I also tuned up the vibrancy a bit, tweaked the white, black, highlights and shadows to make the subject more pop out.

Update - 18 Nov 2022

Moodboard & Early Concept

The first day I started this project was on the 3rd of November. I wanted the design to be inspired by a few smaller-scale electronics from 'My First Sony' series and well known fandoms. Thus, I came up with a rough concept art and character sheet of it which was then revised properly during the 3D stages later.

3D Look Development & Final Outcome

T-Pose Stage

During this stage, I approached it in high poly modeling method,  improve the silhouette and UV it in Maya.

Posing Stage

After completing BO1's T-Pose, I duplicated and reused all parts except the arms and the microphone wire. I also took the time to improve the pose of BO1 speaking / singing through the microphone while the other hand holding the headphone in place. 

Look Development Before & After

Of course, for the textures I did them in Substance Painter since it's one of the contest's requirement.  At this stage, I was  jumping from software to software to improve the silhouette, topology, UV, texture and look development again and again.

Final Outcome of BO1

Marmoset Viewers and Final Renders of BO1 done in Marmoset Toolbag.

Fun Fact : Its eyes follow you as you move the camera view, this is an unintentional design which I found out after texturing it.

Retro Television

Once BO1's model is finished, it was time to decide what kind of environment I should set it in. And for that, I went for a simple idea which is a stage with retro televisions as concert screens. Since it is a background element, I did the model in low poly.  

It was a good opportunity for me to create the CRT effect on screen and I came across to this Youtube tutorial by Cem TEZCAN which helped me boost my workflow!