Nightlight Bot
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Nightlight Bot

Project made for the Robot Challenge. Concept originally made by Jessica Madorran.

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Update - 23 Nov 2022


With the model completed I proceeded to create the texture with Substance Painter.

What I wanted to achieve was a robot model almost new, with only a little dirtiness.

I tried to be as faithful as possible to the original concept, but I also wanted to convey the message of modernity and technology to the model.

For this task I’ve created a moodboard with the materials I wanted to create.


Then I exported everything and made the lighting, shading and rendering on Maya.

At the beginning I wanted to create an urban environment for the set, but after I made it I wasn’t satisfied with the result, so I opted for a simple but effective shot with the creation of a limbo behind the robot.

Here some wip of the old set and some test for the lighting color:

And this is the final result (with some extra details render):

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Update - 13 Nov 2022


For this project I've chosen this cute concept made by Jessica Madorran.

“[...] My robot is meant to be a construction robot that can be used to light work sites at night. Not only can it fly to light the path from any angle it can also control mini light to assist in lighting the way.” 



To create the model I’ve decided to challenge myself by realizing it with Z-Brush; it was the first hardsurface project I made using this program.

For most of the process I’ve used the "Live Boolean" technique to create clean and precise shapes.

After that I’ve exported the FBX file and imported it in Maya for the retopology and the UV’s.

With the retopology and some smooth control this was the result.

to be continued...