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C.H.A bot
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C.H.A bot

A friendly house bot that can charge your phone, play music and bring you coffee. Charger Home Assistant = c.h.a

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Update - 20 Nov 2022

I've took some inspiration from horizon zero dawn official art and in game looks to create a robot similar to the long neck. Scaled down to person size and capable of moving about the house, it will be quite an interesting house robot.

I'm also using a little bit of inspiration from Boston dynamics when it comes to the legs of the robot since its a stable robot when moving and doesn't need 100% flat ground so it doesn't fall easy.

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Update - 15 Nov 2022

This is so far what ive done with the model, currently just trynna figure out some things such as the antennae and the body. Im going to leave it in a t-pose so that i can spot anything that looks out of place then start moving it around. if i think there is time i could also add some of the accessory's and show different looks on the model itself.