Rabot Astronaut: BM 00
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Rabot Astronaut: BM 00

Here are some concept sketches and development progess that I have for this time's robot challenge. The idea is based on creating "the last man-made" intellectual being in the Galaxy...hence, here's the "Rabot" Astronaut code name "00". More following progress is coming up! And I hope you'll enjoy my work!

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

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Update - 24 Nov 2022

In this update, I would like to showcase a brief breakdown on how I tackle the texturing progress and final render.

Following up on the last update, during this progress, I started by finalizing the camera angle and shot blocking in order to achieve the fastest and best workflow as possible.

Below are some screenshots showcasing the finalized textures for the Rabot and its spear inside of Substance Painter.

(the highres meteorite sculpted in Zbrush for baking)

(And the meteorites are in position!)

After everything is ready. It's time for some simple post-production color grading!

For post-production color grading in Nuke, I did as minimal as possible to make the final render close to the vibe I want. ( Most of the techniques I use were knowledge I learned from the Looking Development class at school)

And the final render is done!

Update - 23 Nov 2022

After the model is finished and refined in Maya. I brought a half side of  the "Rabot" 's arm and legs into Zbrush, alone with partially his body as reference. At this stage, I would like to give his arm cover and "pants" a bit fluffy feeling.

And After the simple sculpting is done, I decimated those parts in order to lower done the polycounts for baking.

(UV sheets are organized into 3 parts for easier workflow: Main, Arms/Legs, Halo, Semitransparent mateials) 

(The arms and legs exported as OBJ from Zbrush are mirrored in Maya. In order to double-check if they are matching for the texture baking later. The normals of those areas are also being softened at this point.)

(The volume and topology of the limbs are also been adjusted in order to better match the sculpted parts) 

So the height and normal information now are perfectly baked onto the low-resolution limbs inside Substance Painter without any flaws!

The spear head and the bottom part are also been sculpted and baked with the same workflow.

The design of the spear was from a personal world-building project I've been working on from time to time, and I'm really happy that I could model it out along with the Rabot for this challenge!

Below are some concept sketches I did a long time ago for this spear.

Mean while I started to do some simple rigging and staging blockout for the final render.

( here is a quick concept sketch I did to showcase some sudden idea came into my mind while I was attending the CTN Animation Expo :) )

( the staging blocking, with meteorolite stones roughly and quickly shaped in Maya)


As I'm aware of that the time is running low. Right now I'm working full speed to achieve that final render to present it the best way I can!

The next update is coming soon!

Update - 17 Nov 2022


At this stage, all the big shapes and details are basically all finalized inside of Maya. And I've thrown on some Vray default shaders to see the feeling of the overall design for further planning.

But most importantly, as you can see, it's all geared up with that spear and the booster!

( I moved the boosters in my original concept from the sides to its lower back in order to maintain the minimalist sense of design for the front view. )

For the next update. I will showcase my high to low-resolution workflow for the arm sleeves and the "pants" inside Zbrush for Substance Painter Baking progress.

( As we'll know time it's almost running out. As a graduating student, I'm trying my balance to best everything to finish this contest...coz who wouldn't like to see their "OC" being made into 3D! And I hope you can enjoy my work progress!)

(Meanwhile had come out with some fast first thoughts for the texture on the Look Dev perspective...)

Update - 14 Nov 2022

At this stage, I'm having a fun time enjoying the progress of gradually putting everything together.

The fun part of working from a concept to 3D is to see if the designs or structures actually work together or not. It is also fun to make changes to make everything looks better altogether.

So far, I'm pretty satisfied with all the small/big changes I've done.



Update - 13 Nov 2022