Goose Robot NSEKR
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Goose Robot NSEKR

WIP of: Goose Robot ''Not So Efficient Killing Robot''. Comedy inspired robot character design.

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Update - 12 Nov 2022

Hello Everyone! Sorry for late start. Here's my robot. I decided to make a ''Killing Goose'': a Not So Efficient Killing Bot, programmed to kill wihtout Guns or Blades (because why not?). who also carries ammunition and other suppies. I inspired by the ''Untittled Goose Game'' and I think it would be hillarious if there's a Robot Goose which has no guns or blades on and constantly chasing their target.

It's my own concept and I drew and start to model from scrach.

I allready modelled main parts and after I'm done with the tweaks and refinements I'll move on to details. 

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