BoBo - 3D Robot Challenge
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BoBo - 3D Robot Challenge

BoBo is a goofy and cutie robot, with a large spherical body that makes it seem inconvenient to move around, but it is very active and energetic when fully charged. The wheels under his feet and the windshield on his head make it looks cool. Who can say no to a cool and cute FATTY?

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Update - 23 Nov 2022

Some new rendered images here ^^

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Update - 12 Nov 2022

I'm a first-time participant.

This project took me two weeks to complete because I still have to manage my time between this project and my schoolwork.

First, I did a rough sketch for my robot.

Here are some modeling progress.
I took few days to complete it.
I like the idea with the cable as the tail, it makes BoBo looks cute.

After finished modeling, I made a cute pose for my robot.

Next up is the texturing part.
I had using Substance Painter to texture my robot.
The color scheme I decided to choose blue and white to show it is more modern and energetic. ^^

And the last part which is the setup for the rendering.
I created a grey-blueish background and having a light ray came from the top corner.

Finally, here is the outcome, and some of my final rendered images.

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