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My entry for Adobe Substance 3D - Robot Challange

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

alternative render with a simpler Look

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

...AND Finally :
my submission for the contest, it was an excellent experience
I hope the best for everyone! :D

For the background, I used an HDRi from poly heaven like what I did for the platform

Update - 17 Nov 2022

There we go...
The first test render:

Update - 16 Nov 2022


I lost a day, but I'm gonna make it, hopefully. still got 10 days

I've done the baking and UV mapping with Substance 3d painter.

I could do the UVs manually but the Painters job was good enough and I didn't bother myself

I started to paint and This is a WIP :

as it is visible since there was no limitation in maps and UVs I decided to separate the parts of Parry, (thank God she is still alive :D)

Update - 13 Nov 2022

High-poly and low-poly models
I didn't retopology that but I make the low poly first then subdivided it to do a few more touches

I'm gonna bake maps in Substance 3d painter and then move on to texturing.

Update - 12 Nov 2022

1. The Block out

Update - 11 Nov 2022

Hello :)

Robot Challenge? OK! I'm in...

I always like to make a piece for Parry, Parry is a lovebird living with me! ( "Parry" is a name in Persian )

so there is a beautiful lovebird and a robot challenge, so what will I make? exactly a Robot Bird

Guys this is parry

his color gave me some "Iron man" vibes

and I wanted to give him a little bit of The "anti-Superman" Batman suit style

I was afraid that I could not approach the deadline, so I started the project around a week ago

Now I see I probably can finish the job so I'm gonna post the steps daily.