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Hey everyone, I've been working on this guy for a couple of weeks now, my idea was to create a fellow companion for a lonely kid.

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

I finally connected all my textures to materials using Vray for Maya and took the final shots.

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

In this final update, I will show a bit of the process that I followed to complete my entry, and also show the final result

I modeled some props and clothes to give the character more personalty, and to make him feel a bit more childish.

I posed the model and added some lights to visualize the general look of the final image

I develop all my textures with substance painter, I used using the PBR with alpha bending material as material preset. When building my textures I tried to make some areas very worn and scratched to help the storytelling of my character, as someone who is being wondering around for a long time.

Update - 8 Nov 2022

Only interested in anime and geeky stuff his father a renamed inventor decided to build a robot, designed to be his son's best friend and to take care of him.

I started by sketching the general look of my robot, I tried to first design the primary shapes, and then move on to details that I thought could add some storytelling and define better the personality of my character.

Here is the final base model, still missing details like bolts, cables, accessories, and clothes. Many of the shapes changed along the way while I was modeling, I tried to build him in a way that all the joints are actually functional so it will be easier to pose him at the end.

Some wireframe images

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