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SEA bots help out in ocean environments. Their other variants work in civilian hostile environments like space, nuclear power stations, and bomb diffusion. Since there introduction the sea has become a safer environment for humans, reducing accidents. Original concept for this competition.

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

Final texturing done in Substance Painter, mainly stamping masks for height. Final render in UE5  with path tracer.

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

Background created with basic mesh then tessellated in substance painter with two great textures from Substance 3D assets. Render path tracer in Unreal Engine 5.1.

Update - 24 Nov 2022

Gradually sorting the background. Need to tweak the pose and sort more detailed textures, render from UE5 path tracer.

Update - 22 Nov 2022

Refining the design a bit. Went for classic yellow submarine look. Iray render from substance painter.

Update - 16 Nov 2022

Settled on a design based on a crab. Robot is a mini sub that can also work on land. Got as far as a basic block out of the main forms and a initial material pass in Substance Painter. Renders from UE5.

Update - 8 Nov 2022

SEA Bot Pose, job, parts and shape library

Looking at different aspects of the robot and what they might do. Might be fun to create a multipurpose robot that could do a variety of jobs at sea, in the sea and on the coast. Not sure on the form yet but have enough options here to start doing some variations now.

Update - 1 Nov 2022

Sea reference

I wanted to look at some marine and sea based reference to get an idea things that needed to influence the robot character early on. All the above pictures I took at various small fishing ports in Cornwall, UK.

Textures like the algae and rust could be used for the robot materials or background. Objects like the chains ropes and tyres could either be used by the robot or be accessories. Larger props like the cleat and anchor could even be used to kitbash parts of the robots body. 

Cutest object is the buoy because of the bright colour, soft round form and little bit of subsurface scatter that makes it glow a bit.

Update - 1 Nov 2022

Cute robot analysis

To start my project I looked at some robot designs: looking at cute features and what makes a robot a robot. 

Cute seems to equal big eyes, simple forms and child like proportions, and a certain lovable goofy quality.

 Robots tend to be hard-surface with an exoskeleton, with bolts, panels and external pistons.