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Baby Fear
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Baby Fear

I tried to make a robot with his little baby who are both in a hangar trying to run away from there, where the little baby is scared.

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Update - 14 Nov 2022

Final Update (Baby Fear)

I tried to make a robot with his little baby who are both in a hangar trying to run away from there, where the little baby is scared.

I also made some animations to see how works the robot.

To see all the process and UVs, textures, etc. Look the other posts. 

Hope you like it, all the modeling, rigg and UV mapping was done in Maya, for the texturing I used Adobe Substance Painter to create the textures, I also did some different materials with a HandPainted and oil style to get the look of the concept initial, which I liked a lot.

The production of the final scene and the rendering were done in Unreal 5.

Hope you like!!!!!! :)

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Update - 29 Oct 2022

Update 10- Lightning 

Now that i have all the scene ready, i started lightning, here you can see the process, hope you like :)

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Update - 28 Oct 2022

Update 9- Assets for the scene

I also created some different assets to put in the final scene and have a better look. I made it using maya and texturized in Substance

I made this five assets, two boxes, a container, a light and a barrel. I put all in a Unreal Scene to get a industrial look of a hangar

This is the final Scene with all the assets in, next update will be the process of lighting the scene

Update - 27 Oct 2022

Update 8- Rig and animations

For this update, i made a rigg to the model to be able to pose it to the final scene, also i made some animations to test the rigg correctly and to show the model

This is the final pose to the final scene

Update - 25 Oct 2022

Update 7- Texturing Phase

For the texturing, I wanted to maintain the aesthetic that the concept had, so for this and using substance painter, I have created different smart materials, with a handpainted aesthetic. And then I've added different text details, emissives, etc., on top.

I extracted four different textures, Color, Normal Map, Roughness and Emissive

I have three total materials, all head parts, all body parts, and the legs

Update - 25 Oct 2022

Update 6- Now that i have the lowpoly version with the UVS, i made a highpoly adding some details to the mesh

Update - 24 Oct 2022

Update 5- Final Model with UVS

Now, finally here is the model and i have made the different UVS for the parts 

Update - 23 Oct 2022

Update 4- Body and legs

Update - 22 Oct 2022

Update 3-More body 

For this update i started adding some extras to the head part like deposits,antenna, etc. 

Update - 21 Oct 2022

Update 2- Start Model


Update - 21 Oct 2022

Update 1- Concept

Concept Art by Aleksandr Pushai

Artstation link:

Permission to use the concept