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09-!BOT is a retro robot, as well as an annoyed office worker. He gets scared very easily and has a cute side he hides all the time.

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Update - 7 Nov 2022

I imported the model on sketchfab for a better inspection experience ^^

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Update - 19 Oct 2022

09-!BOT - Concept

Here's 09-!BOT. He works at a city hall and recieves people for their admistrative appointments in a retro sci-fi city. He may look a bit annoyed when you interract with him. You can see the his concept evolved a lot from the first drafts to the final one. To make it match the retro style I inspired myself from old logitech webcams from the 90s and I changed the screens to LCD ones. I was satisfied with the legs very early in the process.

09-!BOT - Model

After completing the concept I modeled the Low Poly as well as the High Poly. I plan to use this model in Unreal in the future as a controlable character so I went for around 6k polygons for the LP.

09-!BOT - Textures

I moved to the bake and textures on Substance Painter and used my favorite filter : the MatFisnish Galvanized ! I love to use it to give a painterly effect on textures. After that I animated the textures of the screen on After Effects.

09-!BOT - Rigging

Now comes the tricky part... This only my third rig but it came out better than expected since it is only hard surface.

09 - !BOT - Animation

Now I've got this animation I rendered with Vray 3ds max ! It was a fun introduction to how to animate a biped.