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Helix and Alice
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Helix and Alice

Two friends who complement each other. And they have emotions too. They are driven by magnetic force and leaves in year of 2222 and they are fun loving.

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Update - 23 Nov 2022

Final Submission : Substance 3D Robot Challenge

I am very happy to be able to complete the challenge. I learned a lot from this challenge. Maybe I was delayed in submitting my work  but I am happy that I submitted in time. I have taken the help of 4 software to complete this task Maya, Substance 3D Painter, Unreal Engine 5 & Photoshop. The whole work is therefore made from my imagination, and I am happy that I was able to make it almost exactly as I wanted

Enjoying a swing : Scene 1

Alice and Helix have fillings in them even though they are robots. They enjoyed this swing ride very much on a cool day. Tried to bring up the behavior of a cute kid robot in my renders. they are enjoying a lot.

'WOW' what is that? : Scene 2

On a shiny day In the year of 2222 they were very surprised after seeing this place surrounded by greenery. They were even more surprised when they saw a dragonfly. Alice had no data about it. They are surprised and excited to see such a creature. They are stunned actually.

Model, AO & Wireframe renders :

In this AO renders you'll see that my 3d model is stand with a trophy in his hand. I imagined here the model I made has become the champion here. Because this type of imagination helps and motivates me to become a better artist every day. 

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Update - 17 Nov 2022

Texturing is complete on my model. I may be taking a little too much time. All goes to my imagination. It took me time to get that imagination right ."Instead of steel, I applied leather and carbon fiber .Because we know carbon fiber is 3 times lighter and 3 times stronger than steel. and since both of my concept robots run on magnetic energy, this substance {carbon fiber} is perfect. Because carbon fiber is not attracted to magnetic energy. I have tried to give very simple and subtle details. I don't know if anyone will like it. I tried to give the best and try different from others".

Texturing done in Substance painter.

I had to texture it separately because of a little problem with the wheel uv during texturing. and there is another thing missing in my texture and that is Refraction values on glasses. i cant apply IOR in subtance painter but i can apply it in render engine.

Update - 13 Nov 2022

Texturing is in progress. I do 5 model texturing with multiple variant texturing. Try to do different 

Update - 8 Nov 2022

Completion of Uv UNwrap For both Bots

Update - 5 Nov 2022

Completion Of Low Poly and modelling

Update - 4 Nov 2022

Complete Head Retopology : 5 hours

Update - 3 Nov 2022

A good 4 and a half hour retopology. Head retopo and whole asset's uv mapping will be complete tomorrow.

Update - 2 Nov 2022

Here is my scene asset : Tree made with maya paint effects  brush and other modelling with simple primitives, Main Robot retopology  about to complete, just few things left. Upload retopo images after completion. I want to make 3 different scenes These models will help me make my scenes.

Update - 29 Oct 2022

Secondary actor : Dragonfly 

Update - 28 Oct 2022

Completion of high Poly modelling :

Completed the high poly work. want to make some changes in low poly workflow on marked areas.

Update - 26 Oct 2022

About to complete high poly process, but still stuck on hand modelling

Update - 25 Oct 2022

Arm,Shoulder & Vibrant Lighting (Test) : 

Need a feedback for palm and finger design. Stuck there for long time. Need suggestions. 

Update - 22 Oct 2022

I modeled the body and wheels of A.I 43. I gave the model a basic body. Many details remain to be given. i change the down portion of the robot. make a single wheel with a fly away feature. i reveal  when its 100 % complete. 

Update - 21 Oct 2022

I just complete the secondary model MATE 09 (M.T-9). I have given some breakdown pictures above so you can understand how I made the model step by step. I Model this in Maya. 

1. I took that little cube first, then subdiv it to 2 divison.

2. Then i extract some mesh region and then started modelling the wings.

3. After that i made that magnetic thrust with simple cylinder.

4. Then i started modelling the body and panels with bevel,offset and extrude ,complete the camera model and attach it with the main body as well as made the tail with simple sphere.

5. Model the internal body part with sphere. the side plane area of that internal body will work as a magnetic charger or something. I decide that when i texture the model.

6. Then i started modelling the head with a sphere and implement that same process as i do earlier, as well as the glass of robot's face.

I spent about 7 to 8 hours modeling this robot.. 

This is not the last stage of this robot modelling. If I have to change anything at the end, I will. For now it's DONE..

I started main robot modelling from tomorrow.

Update - 20 Oct 2022

I started my work already. i research and add some stuff from internet to get inspiration. My concept art is not great or detailed. I will show my imagination through the 3d model. this is just rough and i started this job with very ugly way i think.. i will try my best.

Update - 18 Oct 2022

Concept Art : This is actually not a final concept. This is a rough sketch of my starting point. I did not find a good concept according to my needs. So I start creating my own. I apply most of my imagination when I started model this. So the final result maybe completely different and unique.