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I2  the guide Robot
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I2 the guide Robot

i2 is a ninja guide Robot

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Update - 19 Nov 2022

Today is the day, Here is the final render

some extra

all the render passes

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Update - 17 Nov 2022

some alpha render and I completed the rigging

Update - 15 Nov 2022

Recently I finished texturing beside screen texturing and some lookdev render with the rig.

Update - 13 Nov 2022

not big or anything like that, some lookdev readers

Update - 7 Nov 2022

oh boy! It's been Three Days and I didn't post any updates, In these three days I have done quite a lot and before I show you what I have done, I want to say that I don't feel like including the logo that I made in the past for the project , Maybe I am going to have that in the final render.

after low poly, I did the UVs.Then I separated the mesh with the different texture sets because I want to upload this to my Sktchfab account as far as I know it did not support Udims. Hear some pictures of UVs and model parts together

Then I bake the texture and bring it to the painter

Update - 4 Nov 2022

Today I finished the low poly mesh. High poly to low poly process view.

Update - 1 Nov 2022

Finally finished the high poly model

Update - 31 Oct 2022

I just finished the lower body. Hear some glims.

Update - 30 Oct 2022

a little update on the 3d model

Update - 29 Oct 2022

it's been a while since I gave an update on the project. I have been celebrating Diwali for the last few days, so I didn't do anything on my 3d model. Today I completed the hand and rig it in Blender with the Rigify addon

Update - 23 Oct 2022

Today I am starting with making a logo for my 3d model. The logo is inspired by the naruto hade bandana logo.

then I model the hade and lights , sensors

I am going to make it like a game-ready asset. subd wireframe preview

Update - 22 Oct 2022

I know it is not the same as the concept.

Update - 20 Oct 2022

finally finished my concept

Update - 19 Oct 2022

 the story started in the morning when I asked this in Rookies discord

so I get the answer

then I scrap my old project and started from scratch.

I made this new mood board using DALL-E 2

Update - 18 Oct 2022

Today I made model leg hydraulics and the upper body connector part

Update - 17 Oct 2022

today I am starting with blocking out the inner skeleton of my robot.

Then Refine my block out to actual parts.

This is a part of the Robot's leg

Update - 16 Oct 2022

Reworking my concept drawing and It's going to be my final concept. My intention is to come up with the best shape and scale for my model. Minor and major details will be added later in the modeling prosses.

Update - 15 Oct 2022

at first, I am not a concept artist or good at drawing so concept drawings were not going to be that grate.

I am using Blender as a primary modeling tool. First  block out the body

Then take it  in photoshop , use the block-out pic as a reference, and make some concept of my Robot

Update - 14 Oct 2022

This is My mood board. All pictures are taken from the web for inspiration