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A giant robot based on a concept by Jeetdoh. My entry to the Adobe Substance 3D Robot Challenge and an exercise in texturing and materials.

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Update - 13 Oct 2022

Reference and Inspiration for Monolith, Original Work by Jeetdoh

When I first saw the challenge the words I immediately latched onto were "anime"and "early 60's." Naturally I veered toward the super robot genre, and fell in love with an original concept by artist Jeetdoh. Despite towering above your usual cute robots, Monolith remains lovable and drew me in with the variety of materials present in the concept. This challenge being sponsored by Adobe's Substance suite, I think treating the project will be a great exercise in surfacing. My goal is to keep the concept cartoony by preserving the oversized proportions, but adding some slight realism through materials and tertiary detail.

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