Blink Ascension
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Blink Ascension

Programmed to be the hero that saves the planet, Blink is unknowingly the protagonist on the epic galactic game show, “Ascension” where he repeats his mission indefinitely against an army of robotic monsters. ( Read the full Story on the Concept creator's Artstation. )

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Update - 17 Nov 2022

Almost there !

Hey Guys,

A  small update from me, I've hardly been able to spend any time on this project since I decided on this concept but I thought I would share a little something now while I have some time before I sprint to the end of this challenge and try to complete this piece.

So I have created all parts of this character (All "missing" parts  such as Arm, Leg etc. are being mirrored) expect their shorts which is one of the last thing I will create since I want to use Marvelous designer for that which is reliant on the underlying mesh and pose for the clothe physics to work well.

However due to time constraits I have decided to scale back on the project. I won't be rigging and animating this model till after this challenge has ended when I can spend a lot of time getting it to a high level so I will only being creating this static model in one of it's poses.

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Update - 12 Oct 2022

Hello Everyone!

I'm looking forward to competing in this challenge and creating something both cool that will help teach me new things or refine my skills.

I found this amazing concept by  Max Frorer (check out their Artstation ) and they have given me permission to use this.

I found this concept to be a really cool hero character , a mix between Optimus Prime and WALL-E done in a cute way so I thought it was perfect for this challenge.

My plan with this project is to create a really polished high fidelity model by the end of this challenge with possibly trying my hand at some animation which I've barely touched upon to push myself.

Rough plan moving forward:

- Create High / Low Poly in Autodesk Maya (With maybe some work in Zbrush, unsure at this planning stage)

- Hand-painted Textures in Adobe Substance Painter 3D

- *Stretch Goal * (Add some animation to add that extra little spark to it in  Autodesk Maya)

Good luck everyone!

I'll try to keep you updated as I go but I normally get too focused on the modelling to be consistent with updates :)

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