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Uzay ÇALIŞKAN - Creature & Character Concepts

Uzay ÇALIŞKAN - Creature & Character Concepts

Uzay Çalışkan
by caliskanuzay on 24 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Creature designs that I created for my personal portfolio.

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This creature is created for an animation school project. While I was designing this creature, I heard that recently a four legged whale fossils found. This discovery helped to my scenario.

The design has four legs, webbed fins for swimming both on the head and back of the arms. It has a tail similar to the tadpoles because of it's evolution stage.

This creature is a bull-type creature. It is used as a mount animal for wars. This creature, which is quite wild and strong, is also fast. I was inspired by Lamborghini designs a bit while designing.

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