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by MauricioMolina on 2 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Cinematic created in unity to show my skills as a technical artist in the creation of VFX in real time

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Starting with the project I knew I wanted to create a character with some of his combat effects, so I started brainstorming and decided to create a mage, so I started looking for references and putting together a board in the PureRef application.


Then I made a small sketch of how I wanted my magician to be. I opted for a small mage that didn’t have a complex shape, so I could model it myself and practice this skill.


I modeled and rigged and put simple textures on my Wizard, I decided to separate the materials into parts so that I could then customize each part of the character from Unity.

I added a magic book to accompany the character and give him personality so it was very simple, plus I could cast the skills through the book, which would allow me to reinforce the cartoon concept of the character.


for the rigging I decided to use a very small torso armature, due to the short stature of my magician, and I decided to animate the book together with the character so I also placed his bones.

Then I painted the weights on the model that corresponds to each bone so that the movement of the mesh was as desired.


For the animations, I knew that I wanted to use some cinematic moment on the Wizard, so apart from the combat skills, which was what I wanted to do, I made the idle state, walk and run to be able to transition during the cinematics correctly with him.


After importing everything to unity I started working on the HDRP volume with its post processing properties, I wanted the appearance to be a dark place where the abilities and their emission could stand out, it was very important that what called the most the attention in the scene was the skills.


It was very important to maintain the cartoon appearance as much as possible, so I decided to apply what is called a ToonShader to the character, so that the color changes in the shadow would be very noticeable, and that it would not be diffuse.


I needed to be able to put my animations together with the character, so through code I created the parameters that would initialize these abilities.


once everything was organized in Unity, it was time to create the effects, so I based on my animations to choose how these effects should look, how strong each one of them was, and how they should show us a little wizard who with little effort releases a lot of magic


This is perhaps one of the most important parts, here the times of the different parts that make up the effect are adjusted, all so that it fits the animations and the result looks clean.

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