Ohja - The Game

Ohja - The Game

by M3DSAcademy on 2 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Ohja is an Indie Game developed by the students of M3DS Academy for Digital Arts in Macedonia, Skopje over the span of 2 months.

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In a forest in the middle of nowhere lived a mage by the name of Gaia. She her self being one with nature and connected to all living things, felt their life force being drained away. Because of the imminent threat, she went to look for answers. Her first thought was the mighty Wyvern Thesaurus, Keeper of treasures. And so began her quest.

She arrived at Thesauruses lair, located high in the freezing Dragonspear mountains, and began her interrogation. Unfortunately, the questioning was unsuccessful so she decided to search for the answers in the treasure herself.

- As she looked through his treasures she found a scroll with the following inscription “To find the one who is killing, you need to speak to the dead.”. She quickly figured out where she needed to go next.

The Goliaths graveyard was her next location. She passed through the spine of the dead giant. The murky graveyard gave her a chill running up her spine. As she walked through the valley of the dead surrounded by darkness, broken bones, suffering voices, and ghosts who had not yet found their way to the light, she started shouting loudly, hoping for an answer. Doing so she disturbed the dead and awoke Gag’ Thar Keeper of the restless.

After killing Gag’ thar she felt a life-draining force emanating from the giant's skull.

- Dripping water echoes through the cave which falls from the stalactites. This is what it came down to. The source of all this life-draining energy was nearby. She knew what she had to do as she pressed forward to finish her quest. But was quickly met with vicious foes.

- With the feeling of her life force regenerating, an ease was laid on her and she could go back home and rest.

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