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Slammin Legends

Slammin Legends

Slammin Legends is an undergraduate project from Bellecour Ecole. This is a multiplayer game made with Unreal Engine 5. Check out our Twitter to know more about the game! Twitter: @SlamminLegends

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The game

Slammin Legends is a funky multiplayer sport game inspired by Basketball, hero shooters and the 70's. Dash, shoot, pass, dunk... Or use the special ability of your character to create crucial opportunities to score. Take part in 3v3 games, where the first team to lead 2 rounds wins the match.

Let's get your groove on!

Art Direction

Concerning the Art Direction we wanted to blend good vibes and sport together, so we got a lot of inspiration from the 70's. Indeed, this is a colorful period of time, a key moment in Basketball history, and... it has some groovy funky vibes!

We wanted to have our own identity and bring a unique style to sport games, so we chose to have a flat-colored and stylized graphic style to remain in the palette of the 70's.


When we started to design the mechanics, our intentions were to make simple ones that added together would create a deeper gameplay and offer a lot of creativity to the players. We designed 4 main mechanics beside our character movement: Dash, Lob, Throw, Dunk.

Then, we decided to add another mechanic to add some juice: the special ability. We created 3 different abilities that could be used either in an offensive or defensive way, and that could be placed anywhere on the level.


For each of our abilities, we wanted to have a unique character who would have its own personality. We spent some times to find a design that would match our Artistic Direction. After several iterations, we found the characters that would convey the funky spirit we had in mind.

UI and Feedbacks

Communicate all the informations needed by the players was crucial, and in order to avoid spamming the players with these informations we relied on diegetic UI when we could. For the rest, we used a flat-color style that reminds the 70's era.

For the feedbacks, we used some VFX that would be visible from each sides of the court, in that way the players are aware of the actions currently taking place.

Level Design

We have done several playtests in order to determine what was working to encourage the players to use their abilities, and we finally found the perfect level design for it. Adding some dynamic elements was definitely helpful.


Concerning the environment, it took a lot of researches tin order to build a place that would visually remind the 70's and that would emphasize a new futuristic sport at the same time. We took some inspiration from the Brutalism and the Soviet Avant-Garde architecture.

Sound Design

Finally, we wanted the players to be immersed in a competitive atmosphere, and what's best for that than having a caster in the background! Then we also added some voice acting to the characters in order to reinforce their identities.

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