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Red Panda

Red Panda

Palm Piraban
by PalmPiraban on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Houdini Creature Grooming

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Responsible for texture, grooming, look development, and lighting. Model from Jesus FC

This project is my first creature grooming in Houdini. I spent the whole 3 months of summer vacation learning a new skill.  I hope you like it


I use the middle for the main references (color and body fur)

Grooming Process

I stat to groom with an original model from Jesus FC (Grooming Instructor Online).

I split guide grooms for making it easy to brush, but it is hard to make it smooth on each border.

Posturing Process

I change the red panda from standing to hanging on the tree. My process starts with rigging and weight paint in Maya. After that I create a tree from SpeedTree and then export Panda alembic back to Houdini.

Texturing Process

I create texture from Substance Painter and separate skin texture and fur texture.



For the lighting part, I use 2 area lights and 1 sky dome light.

Special Thanks

Tachapon Lertwirojkul

Awaken Idiotic:

Natasha Santiparp : /in/natasha-santiparp/

Jirawat Panompong : /in/jirawatpnp/

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