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Besnard Gustave 2022

Besnard Gustave 2022

Gustave Besnard
by gustave on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hi everyone here is my participation in the rookies awards 2022. Here you'll see both personal and school projects. The school projects are my New3Dge graduation projects. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed doing it! If you like my work please check my artstation:

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NR - 06

Here is my first personal project, NR 6 based on Tim Löchner's concept:


Here is the second project, a character named "Timid" based on Qifeng Lin's concept:


So now let's talk about umiko! As a graduation project, this one took me and my group one year to complete.
In the project, I was in charge of the Art Direction, characters art, and technical character arts. 

Please enjoy!

"On a peaceful island lives a shrine maiden named Umiko. Her goal as a maiden has always been to make sure that the local Kami, Kurage, and her children get their offerings every day.

But everything changed when, one day, she woke up late and forgot her duty. Kurage's children went hungry and left their mother's domain to find some food. Kurage started crying about the loss of her children and her tears flooded the island.

Umiko knows what she has to do, find the children and bring them back to Kurage to appease her and stop the flood." 


Umiko is our main character, she is a young and high-spirited shrine maiden.
Her outfit is inspired by the Japanese Miko as well as the accessories that she wears.


Kurage is a kami and the mother of the kodomo.

Because she is related to the sea, I went for a design with a lot of elements inspired by jellyfishes.
Her belt, haircut, and accessories are made from gold and gemstones to show her power.

The ring on her back is inspired by the clothes you can see on Japanese kami like Raijin and Fujin. 


The kodomo are the children of Kurage and Umiko will have to find each one of them on the island.

For them, I wanted something really cute to fit the mood of the game because they are our mascots.

For their faces, I used a different texture set allowing me to draw them like emojis making it easy to do different expressions.


Hayame is an ancient Ninja that is now a traveling merchant. She still uses her ninja abilities to travel across the island and trade stuff with Umiko.

She was made from Umiko’s model, using and adding different elements in order to make her as quick as possible.


Yumi is a magical manta ray that helps Umiko travel through water.

Her body is made from water. To obtain her wet effect, we use different effects like caustic lines, foam dissolving, and a boosted normal map.


To make the game lively, I also added a lot of fauna elements like different fishes, whales, birds, seagulls, and insects.


To make all these characters fit the art direction (anime/ghibli alike) I've also done a cel-shader that was used as a base on every character


To introduce our game's story, I've also realized some illustrations


As a bonus, here as the visual communication elements that I made for the game

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