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Mathias Bosc - Animations and Props -  ASTRAY

Mathias Bosc - Animations and Props - ASTRAY

by MathiasB on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Here my submission for my first participation at the Rookies, a part of my work on this end year student project (2022). I wish become an Environement Artist and continue to improve my knowledge in animation. You can check my artstation for more detail on my work:

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Astray is a end year project that i’ve done with Quentin Bosc, Emilie Barboiron and Héloise Lunven

In this project, I did a lot of different things, Concept Art, Environnement and Level Design, Modélisation/Sculpting/ Texturing assets and Animation.

I've take one part of my contribution to have feedbacks and continue to improve my skills.

I will  present a part of my animation and assets modélisation on this project.


Cinematic Fall:

My fisrt cinematic in game,  a fall of the character accross a trap and a painful impact.

Render in game on Unity.

Animation process done on 3dsmax.

Animations skills:

Different types of skills activations process, animate on 3dsmax.

Animation Drone:

An ennemy that i've also modelise and animate on Blender.

Animation Mecha:

On this robot, i've juste animate some actions. 

The model, textures and rigg are of Quentin Bosc.

Modular Weapon

One of my fisrt objective in production was to create a modular weapon for the player. A weapon  that can be switch from gun to sniper. 

Modelisation with Blender and texturing on Substance.


After that, i've sculpt and texturing some plants for an alien environement.

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