CARTOON LIFE: 1408, Rainbow and Joe Gardner

CARTOON LIFE: 1408, Rainbow and Joe Gardner

Carlos García
by Zeepos on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Since I was a child I wanted to create my own Cartoon world and step by step I am reaching it, inspired by Disney, Pixar and emerging artists. This is the case of 1408, Rainbow and Joe Gardner, a step through different styles, inspirations and techniques. Showing a piece of me and everything I have to transmit.

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1408 is a Cartoon project in which I wanted to tell you that cozy place that I found in the cinema when I was a child seeing animated films. From the lighting to the trash in the wastebasket I want to notice that characteristic style.

Based on Basketball Teen's Room concept art by Jiahao Han.

Rainbow could be a toy of 1408. A prop made in ZBrush based on the video games and adventures that have been with us since we were little.

Concept by Thiago Araujo.

Joe Gardner fue una inspiración desde la primera vez que lo vi. Su amor por la música, su expresión y el entorno que lo acompaña hizo que fuese amor a primera vista.  

Soul by Disney.

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