Andrej Ginoski
by AndrejGino on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My character for our video game "Ohja". See final video here:

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Hello! This is my entry for The Rookie Awards 2022. This is some of the work I’ve made during my Academic Year at M3DS Academy.
I was chosen to work as a 3D Character artist and Animator for the game “Ohja” made by my academy, Here you can see my work for the game, and couple other projects I did for my finals.

The Banshee is one of the evil characters in the game, made by me.
Also, I made props for the creepy environment for this main character.

Gag’thar is the character I was working on. Working with the team we wanted the character to be the mysterious giant ghost, getting his energy from his orb that he controls with his hands.

We’ve decided to add 2 more arms used as the main way to attack and interact. The inspiration we got is from the 1950s clothing style with some medieval features, him being the guardian of the graveyard that got forgotten with time.

I sculpted the character in Zbrush, I experimented with clothing ideas, accessories, arms and dress designs. At the end I got the character to be more Skeleton-oriented. Having the bones be the bright colors in contrast with his deep blue and purple colors.

I did the retopo of the character using Maya and the Materials were made in Substance Painter.

For the animation I wanted the orb to feel almost like a separate character that needs guidance. I’ve used the small arms to guide the orb and keep it in control. I made the orb a little unstable on almost every animation, barely getting out of control. At the end when Gag’thar is defeated, the orb gets out of control, escaping the grips of his hand and making him lose all of his energy.

Banshee's Environment props

Character : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

As a big Ninja Turtles fan, I chose to make Raphael as one of my final projects for the Academic Year. It was inspired by Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies which I used as my main reference for the character.

Being one of my first more serious sculpt, I was in for a challenge but overall I am very happy of how it turned out.

The rigging and animations were provided by Mixamo.

Character : Ghost Samurai

I made the Ghost Samurai as one of my final projects for my Academic Year. 

The Original Art that I’ve used as a reference is from Sougato Majumder based on a concept of Carter Adair.

I sculpted this character using ZBrush, Made the Retopology, Rigging and Posing Using Autodesk Maya and Materials in Substance Painter.

The final renders were made in Unreal Engine 5. I made the environment using only Quixel Megascans provided by Epic Games. This was one of my first 3D environments in Unreal Engine.

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