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My Archviz 2022 So Far

My Archviz 2022 So Far

Guilherme Marcondes
by hyuggen on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

Hello, everyone! How are you? My name is Guilherme, but everyone calls me Gui. I'm a civil engineer who's highly interested about architecture and interior design and who decided to take the Archviz path. And here's how it's going so far!

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House on Gotland

This project is my own visualization of House of Gotland by ETAT Arkitekter. Inspired by the original photography by Rasmus Norlander, I tried to replicate the overcast mood. Going a little bit further, I changed the mood to other lighting situation, such as a sunny day and blue hour.

Neutral Bathroom

This one is my own design and visualization. Here, I tried to design a bathroom following the minimalist aesthetic, but at the same time, making the room with a feeling of comfort and relaxation. In this particularly project, I really loved creating details cameras and some close-up shots.

The initial draft

Apartment in The City - Bedroom

Own concept and visualization. In this space I wanted to combine a more classic aesthetic with a minimalistic approach. So, to give the classical look, I designed the frames on the wall and to keep it minimal I decided to stick with a neutral color pallete. I do like the closet part. For me, it's a space within the space. Here, I was very pleased with the results I achieved with the corrugated glass.

Initial sketches:

Grid Façade

Own concept and visualization. This one was particularly challenging for me. I consider external/façades of multi-storey builiding quite complex to develop because of the many technical aspect that play a key role in the scene, such as: optmization, lighting and the environment models.

Luckily I could pull these complex thing off and I was very happy and satisfied with the final images. In this project, one of the things I learned was the importance of the color palette, specially regarding the vegetation. So I was extra careful to adjust the green tones in the plants that are part of the project.

The first sketch:

Apartment in the City - Living Room

This one follows the same concept and aesthetics as the bedroom. A very minimalist space but with some classical elements. In this projetc, I tried to give more life and movement to the images, adding some curtains moving because of the wind coming from the open door. The tricky part of this project for me, was trying to the find the right balance between the exterior lighting and the interior lighting,

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