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From Disney to Avatar

From Disney to Avatar

Josue Huelmo Garcia
by JHuelmo on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

In this entry I want to show you my work made at Animum3D. For the first project I wanted to explore the Disney/Pixar stlye, trying to make a model as good as possible for production. In the second project I pushed my limits in my sculpting skills.

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Suspicious transfer Student

This cartoon project was part of my studies at Animum 3D.

I wanted to do a Disney/Pixar style model while preparing it for 3D Animation. 

I'm gonna show you some parts of the process.

For the concept I choose a concept by Hong SoonSang from his project "Spiraling Witch"


For this project I pushed my skills in a different way.

I created this realistic panther with Avatar in mind as my main inspiration.

Concept by oriana Menendez.

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