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Compositing reel 2022

Compositing reel 2022

Jitte van Berlo
by JittevanBerlo on 1 Jun 2022 for Rookie Awards 2022

My compositing reel with my most recent shots! At the moment I am a student at the Netherlands Filmacademy, and I am graduating in a few months.

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Compositing reel by Jitte van Berlo.

At the moment I am a student at the Netherlands Filmacademy (NFA) in Amsterdam. In a few months I will be graduating. This showreel contains my most recent compositing work. All shots have been composited in Nuke and are from student projects. 

Below I will highlight some of the shots, and tell you something about it. 

This is a student project of my classmates. Click on the headline and you will be redirected to the page of Solon. That page contains the submission for the Rookies award and shows a lot of information about the project. Check it out, it's really cool! 

For this teaser, I worked on one shot. Besides compositing, I have done some 3D lighting work. I did the lighting in Houdini and after that, I composited the shot in Nuke. It was really interesting to composite my own lighting, since I found out what was great about my lighting, and where I can still improve.
While compositing with multiple AOV's, I tried to create a mysterious and magical shot.

Student film: The Spy I Loved

This project was for me quite a special project, so definitely worth mentioning. The reason for this is because this was my first time being a supervisor for a film that had a lot of VFX. It was essential that we planned everything in the preproduction, so that we wouldn't have to 'fix' anything in post (that could've been prevented).

The idea for this shot was to have 21 nucleair bombs in the container. Our first plan for this particular shot, was to make nucleair bombs in 3D and integrate it in the plate in Nuke. After shooting on set, we saw that our reference images were good enough to be using to duplicate the bombs. That meant no 3D renders, and doing everything in 2D. The tricky part of working with only 2D images, was the changing in lighting. (you can see this in my showreel, where she is opening the door)
In the end, I am really happy with the shot! 


This is one of the biggest VFX projects of our school and it was amazing to be part of this. If you click on the headline, you will be redirected to the page of EOS, which is also the submission for the Rookies award. Just like Solon, this is an incredible project and you should definitely visit that page to learn more about the project! 

I worked on two shots of the film, which were both amazing shots. The first one is one of the first shots, introducing the headcharacter. This shot was a lot of fun: with keying, lot of fixing of the set and integrating the 3D renders, creating a completely new world. 
For the second shot, I received a matte painting and I did the compositing on top of that. The challenge of this shot was to create depth in the image. 

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